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Just one street away from 5th Avenue and the main tourist strip this is the perfect place to come and have a great time!

-COVER CHARGE $ 20 USD Includes 1 welcome shot.


Bronze package: 1 Premium bottle  includes 4 cover charges. $199 USD

Silver Package: 2 Premium bottles includes 8 cover charges $398 USD

Gold Package: 3 Premium bottles  includes 12 cover charges $597 USD

Platinum Package: 4 Premium bottles includes 16 cover charges $796 USD

Each bottle comes with one service (one jar of juice or 4 canned sodas) anything extra is not included on the price.

Tips are not included with the price. Its customary in Mexico a 10% to 15% tip at the end of your service.

Premium Bottles included:

Vodkas: Grey Goose, Belvedere, Absolute Azul, Ketel One

Tequila: Don Julio 70, Patron Reposado, Don Julio, 1800 Anejo.

Whiskey: Buchanans 12, Black Label, Jack Daniel's , Chivas Regal

Brandy: Torres 10

Gin: Beafeater London, Tanqueray, Bombay

Cognak: Martell VSOP, Remy Martin VSOP

Rum: Appleton, Capitan Morgan, Matusalem, Bacardi Blanco, Malibu, Havana 7

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